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wall covering

Residential and commercial wallcoverings makeup a diverse number of brands and products, Converters Prepress gives you the advantage of one supplier who can meet all of your design and style reproduction needs.

If your design artwork has been lost or damaged, we can usually reproduce completely new artwork from your existing cylinder designs. Lost or damaged pattern cylinders can also be recovered in this fashion. We also engrave flat proofing plates of any design or pattern for in-house color matching. Our facilities are at your service and designed to provide quick response to your needs. Try us and you'll be pleasantly surprised at our quality and service, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our prepress, computer artists can bring the natural beauty of wood alive in impeccably reproduced natural grains.
wood grains

Gift-wrap is designed to make every occasion special and is the perfect complement to any gift. Let us help your pressroom deliver on that promise with quality cylinders from any artwork.
gift wrap