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Identity in less than a second In today's competitive market place, it's harder than ever to attract the consumer's attention. It's estimated that the normal consumer spends less than a second scanning shelves, and within that time, will decide whether or not to purchase the product. If you are a product manufacturer, you will need to make sure that in that critical amount of time, the consumer will be drawn to your product, have a desire to inspect it, and make a decision to buy. Whether this is a new product, or a reformulation of an existing one, you'll be smart to turn to a package designer to ensure that in that important fraction of a second, your target consumer will know your product is there. The art of package design focuses on producing a container that will get noticed. By skillfully using colorful graphics, a unique shape, or other eye-catching methods, the package designer is an important player in a company's marketing effort. No matter how beneficial the product inside the container may be, unless a consumer decides to pick it up, that product will not get purchased. Try our concept design service or let us do your line extensions for both Market Testing or New Product Launches. concept